General terms

General terms and conditions – Ad Majora Turizam

When we recive your request for appartment or room we will send you the offer with a price and the amount of advice payment.


If the amount of advice payment and the booking conditions are acceptable, we shell need your final confirmation.


After making the payment you should infor us by e-mail of fax.


When we recive your payment we will send you the Confirmation of reservation.


– for reservations less then 3 days are charged 30% more then basic price.


– Payment by bank transfer to the foreign currency account of the agency:
to the benefit of: AD MAJORA TURIZAM d.o.o., Slobode 21, 52 221 Rabac
IBAN CODE: HR6723800061148001524
– Cash payment in our office on the adress: Ul. Slobode 21, 52221 Rabac


AD MAJORA TURIZAM d.o.o. provides information on a reservation of accommodation service on the web page


Inquiries and booking og accommodation can be done by e-mail, fax. or directly in tte AD MAJORA TURIZAM office or web page.
On receipt of your booking request, the customar will recive from us an offer of accommodation and a quotation.When the customer confirm our offer and which he shall pay an advance, then the customer will recive a confirmation of reservation.


AD MAJORA TURIZAM reserves the right to change or modify a reservation in case of circumstances caused by conditions beyond its control that cannot be predicted, avoided or rectified (wars, riots, strikes, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, sanitary disruptions, restrictions by local authorities, death or illness of service provider and other similar circumstances).
Booked accommodation can be substituted only by an accommodation unit of the same or higher category and at the price confirmed during booking, provided that customer is notified ahead of time.
In cases where substitute accommodation for paid accommodation is not available, AD MAJORA TURIZAM reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification (at least 7 days before arrival) and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount. Should an adequate substitute accommodation not be available on the day of arrival, AD MAJORA TURIZAM will provide information on an available accommodation offer (the same or higher category accommodation service than the booked one).


The price of accommodation shall be paid in Kunas at the agency reception as per valid price list.


The advance is required and it shall be paid upon receipt of the customer confirmation of our offer if not stated differently. On the contrary, the reservation will be considered cancelled.
The Advance is 30% total accommodation price (Ad Majora Turizam reservs the rights to make changes of advance paymentamount)!
A copy of the payment shall be sent by e-mail or fax number.
Thereupon the customer will recive a confirmation of reservation.


The rest of the price shall be paid on the day when the customer comes in the agency if is not stated else in the offer.


The price of accommodation is given in EURO, AD MAJORA TURIZAM reservs the rights to make changes to the stated price (in the event that the host changes or there are changes in exchange rates).
For customers who have paid an advance for the reservation, AD MAJORA TURIZAM guarantess the price og accommodation, stated in the calculation according to which the advance was paid.


According to the Croatian Law on the residence tax, customer paid the Residence tax together with the rest of the price of the accommodations.


AD MAJORA TURIZAM in any way more than any informations available on the Internet pages og Ad Majora Turizam.
The entrance in the accommodations may take place between 2 p.m. on the day of arrival. If it possible to strart to make use of them sooner, Ad Majora Turizam is required to informe the customer.
The customer is obliged to leave the accommodation till 10 a.m. od the departure day, if is not stated differently with agency or houseowner.
If a guest can not arrive until 8 p.m. he shell give the notice to the agency, in contrary the agency is not liable to wait for the guest.


The customer is required to have valid travel documents, he shall obey custom regulations and currency exchange regulations of the Republic Croatia.Upon arrival when registering in the travel agency the customer shell provide a valide document (identity card or passport).
The customer shell produce the confirmation of reservation which he got from the agency.
The customer has to obey house rules in accommodation units and have good relations with houseowners.
In case that customer not follov the above listed obligations, the customer is liable for cousd damage and must cover the expenses.By confirming the reservation the customer accepts to pay for all demages coused directly to the houseovners. Ad Majora Turizam excludes its responsibility of the coused demage.


Ad Majora Turizam is obliged that on the confirmation of reservation are all the service which the customer will use.
Ad Majora Turizam is obligate to take care of the provided service, houseowner, and customers interests and rights according to the accepted customs and practices in tourism and in accordance to these terms.


In case of the litigation the metter can be taken to cort, Labin