The pearl of the Kvarner Bay

Wonderful surrounding, lovely pebbly beach, pleasant climate and view of Kvarner Bay all attracted holiday-makers and travel writers as early as the mid-19th century when Rabac was just a small fishing village.


The first hotel in Rabac “Quarner” is open on year 1889, and first bigger hotel is open in year 1925.


Tourism in Rabac, began to develop during the sixties, when this small resort, due to its natural beauty, of “The Pearl of the Kvarner Bay”.
Since then, all existing hotels, apartments, camping site and the majority of the private houses have been built.
Today Rabac can accommodate up to 10,000 guests in one day.


With a rich gastronomic, sports and entertainment Rabac offers numerous excursion possibilities.


Just above Rabac, nestling on the top of the hill at a height of 320 m above sea level lies the old mining town of Labin.
Today, when the mines have been closed down, this town, where all historical sights become true historical gems, presents itself in a new guise.
An increasing number of galleries, bars, studios, modern and famous multicultural center as the crossroads of the young generation, have all found their ideal location right here in Labin, which all adds to the tourist offer of Rabac.